Proud to be a DAAD Music Fellow!


Meet DAAD 2019/2020 Music Fellow, Johannes Hamm!

Drummer Johannes Hamm was born in 1994 and grew up in Greifswald, a small town in Northeast Germany. He started playing drums at the age of eight and joined his first punk band when he was eleven. Besides playing in local punk groups, Mr. Hamm was also playing in the music school orchestra in Greifswald. Early on, he developed an eclectic style of playing, drawing from many different influences. At age fifteen, Mr. Hamm also participated in „Jugend musiziert“ a classical performance competition for guitar winning second price on the federal level but he stopped practicing guitar afterwards to focus on drumming. Gravitating towards Jazz music, Mr. Hamm spend a year of high school in Imperial, Missouri where he played in marching bands as well as in concert bands and in jazz bands. It was after that exchange year, that he started to learn about jazz drumming more extensively. In 2013, he got accepted into the Jazz performance program at the Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts. Mr. Hamm studied abroad with legendary Jazz drummers Jeff Ballard and Jorge Rossy in Basel, Switzerland and in 2018, he went to Salvador da Bahia in Brazil for a semester. After graduating in Mannheim, he now studies jazz performance at New York University with a DAAD graduate scholarship. Check out our Soundcloud page to listen to some of Mr. Hamm's work: